The Dana Gershon and Rabbi Jonah Pesner Northeast Leadership Summit

jonah-and-dana-group-selfieSave the Date for the second annual Dana Gershon and Rabbi Jonah Pesner Northeast Leadership Summit. More event details will be shared in early 2017.  

Jewish teens in grades 10-12 from New York, New Jersey, and New England will come together for this annual leadership experience with a unique focus on Jewish Justice, Social Advocacy, and Entrepreneurship.

The Summit is designed to empower teens to become change agents:

  1. Friday: Coming  together as a community and discovering their inspirations.
  2. Saturday: Learning and shaping an idea.
  3. Sunday: Producing meaningful impact.

The Summit provides real-life skill building with a focus on entrepreneurship, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and risk taking. At the end of the Summit, participants will pitch their ideas in a “Shark-Tank” style program (#SharkTankMuseum). Judges will invest real dollars in the most compelling pitches. Participants will go home inspired and excited about the potential of their own ideas. This is a great event for those looking to create real positive change and add substance to their resumes.

To read more about our first Summit experience in September, 2016 go to our Blog and take a look at last year’s event page!

Questions? Contact Emily Messinger at

Testimonials from 2016 Summit Participants

Every single aspect of the weekend provided me with something meaningful to think about and reflect on whether that be the incredible speakers, all of the different workshops, and services, and especially for me, the social aspects. Even just little things like assigning seats at the first dinner or randomly assigning bunks, encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and meet all new people that I can now call some of my really good friends. This weekend I really did feel like a leader, which was the type of confidence and self-awareness that I needed to find so badly in my life. This weekend I felt so comfortable, I was my total self and was able to let go from everything in my crazy hectic world at home and just be present. Because of this I was able to reflect and think more deeply about myself and what my beliefs, morals, passions, etc. I have never had so many creative juices flowing I felt like my mind was going to burst with all of the excitement! I felt refreshed and awakened by this weekend and I can honestly say that it was enlightening for me and one of the most amazing weekends of my life, and because of it I feel like a better person having been a part of it. -Shaina M.

This summit taught me to think about leadership in totally new ways. I learned a lot about marketing/owning a business and creating lasting change. I will use what I learned throughout my life and to make this world a better place. -Anonymous