The #SharkTankMuseum was the culminating program at the Dana Gershon and Rabbi Jonah Pesner Northeast Leadership Summit and sought to bring exciting and innovative ideas to life. Reflecting upon their inspiration and newfound knowledge and skills, more than 250 Jewish teen participants prepared an elevator pitch and marketing campaign for donors who viewed their presentations, offered critical feedback, and invested real dollars in their ideas. See #SharkTankMuseum 2016 Rules and Guidelines for more details.

Below are some of the amazing projects and campaigns that were originally created for the#SharkTankMuseum program. These teen leaders are continuing to develop theirs ideas, campaigns, and projects. We can’t wait to see what they create! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates. Read more about the Summit at URJ Inside Leadership.


A social media campaign directed at the young adults of the world, trying to “mythbust” about rape culture. More details to come. 




urj_summit-2465K 5Kauses

A 5K race/walk benefiting a variety of non-profit organizations. The event would be held in the spring or summer of 2017 around the Boston area.





Broken Heart is a local, state, and national campaign that serves to educate the public on the true numbers and stories of Gun Violence in the United States.

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urj_summit-186Conscious in the Kitchen

Currently, about 40% of food produced on American soil goes straight from the garden, to the garbage. In an effort to do our part in ending world hunger, Conscious in the Kitchen draws upon our Jewish value of Bal Tashchit, do not waste, to provide congregations with a customizable plan to reduce food waste and to inspire food conscious thinking and actions in our community.



urj_summit-153Dinner for Discussion

Dinner for Discussion is an app that focuses on a different country and its culture, on a monthly basis. The goal of this app is to get the discussion started about people and places that are different from us.




urj_summit-177Feed a Need

Our target customer are two groups of people, those who are in need and can’t pay for their own meals as well as those who are financially comfortable and looking to give back. We are going to ask restaurant owners in cities such as NYC and Boston if they would be willing to ask their customers for small donations of just a few dollars to help pay for the meal of someone less fortunate than themselves.



urj_summit-242MOD SQUAD

The MOD Squad is trying to change the world one mitzvah at a time. MOD = Mitzvah of the Day.







Raising awareness for racial injustice in voting laws through a social media dance campaign.








14632877_1752780218307961_4971656498716793610_nShivhayom, Equality through Awareness (www.shivhayom.com)

Shivhayom is a campaign designed to raise equality for people of all genders. Our product, preferred gender pronoun bracelets, promotes an inclusive, comfortable and expressive Kehillah for all youth. With this product, we hope to start conversations to push for equality today, and create visibility for all genders.





urj_summit-111The Write to Vote

A free informational panel and letter writing campaign for the greater New York City area targeting the issue of restricted voting rights for minorities in certain states after the Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court ruling. The greater goal will be to create a national committee to teach teens to run this event all over the country. Read more on Julia’s blog post. 



urj_summit-191Three Sides of the Story

This project aims to inform people about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Users will be able to anonymously ask questions about the conflict and they will receive three different answers. One from an educated Palestinian perspective, one from an educated Israeli perspective, and one from an un-biased professional perspective. These three different perspectives will provide the user with an in-depth understanding of the conflicts in the Middle East.


urj_summit-152Yallah Israel

Teen group focused on Israel education and advocacy. Read more about Shira’s experience at the Summit and the creation of Yallah Israel.