Where is Eisner Camp located?
Eisner is located in Great Barrington, a small town in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, two and a half hours from NYC and Boston.

After I submit my application, when will I hear from Eisner?
After your application is received and processed by our office, you will be contacted by one of our directors to set up a time for your interview.

What happens if I am hired to work at Eisner?
Upon accepting a position, you will receive a contract. The contract is to be signed and returned to the camp office within ten days. You start receiving emails from the camp office updating you on information and forms you’ll need to provide prior to the summer.

When do I get paid?
Paychecks are issued twice during the summer.

Does Eisner Camp have a curfew for staff?
We expect everyone to perform at the peak of their abilities during the day. A good night’s sleep is the best way to keep yourself healthy and on top of your game. All staff are required to be in their living quarters by curfew each evening.

When do I have time off?
All staff members are entitled to five days off during the summer. These days are assigned based on the staff member’s role in camp. Staff members are also assigned an hour off each day during normal program hours.

Will I have to attend a staff orientation?
Absolutely! Our comprehensive staff certification and training program is held prior to the arrival of the campers. Specialists arrive at camp two weeks before Opening Day and general staff arrive the week before Opening Day. Staff certification provides the tools and skills necessary to guarantee a successful summer for all, and does so within the framework of building a Jewish community. Our goals are to give the staff members the chance to get know one another and start building working relationships, as well as to prepare staff members for the challenges of working in a residential camp setting. The program includes a wide variety of activities, such as group-building experiences, training sessions, and program planning time.

What if I am a vegetarian or have dietary restrictions?
Special diets, e.g., vegetarian, gluten-free, food allergies, etc. can be accommodated. We are a nut sensitive camp. If you require such assistance, it is your responsibility to make such arrangements in advance with the camp.

What is there to do in Great Barrington?
Within walking distance to camp is a shopping center that includes a grocery store, laundromat, and drug store. The camp is located about 1.5 miles from downtown Great Barrington, a charming Berkshire town with restaurants, shops, and a movie theater. The Berkshires is one of the premiere summer resort areas in the northeastern United States, with fantastic hiking and extraordinary cultural events.

Will I have access to my e-mail?
Computers are available for staff use in the staff lounge. Staff members have free access to the Internet in specified areas of camp.

How will I do my laundry at camp?
Camp provides laundry service on a weekly basis. If you prefer to do your own laundry, there is a Laundromat within walking distance to camp.

May I bring my vehicle to camp?
Yes, you may bring your car to camp. There is a designated staff parking area.

What can I expect from my experience on staff at Eisner Camp?
Being on staff at any residential camp is perhaps the most difficult and most fulfilling job you will ever have. A summer at Eisner will be challenging, both physically and emotionally, but most of all it will be fun! As a staff member at Eisner, you’ll have the opportunity to experience life in our unique community, positively impact the lives of campers, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Still have questions? Contact the camp office for more information.